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As bridge builders, we're on a mission to connect the dots between traditional digital experiences and the transformative potential of Web3.

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Ep. 06

Redefining Customer Loyalty for Airlines with Arturs Garais from airBaltic

Join us on NO BLUEPRINT as we dive into airBaltic's groundbreaking journey with Arturs Garais. This episode uncovers how airBaltic is addressing the challenges of traditional loyalty systems by leveraging new technologies. Garais reveals the strategic thinking behind integrating innovative solutions, like blockchain, to enhance customer loyalty programs. Learn about the shift from conventional methods to dynamic, tech-driven approaches in fostering loyalty and engagement. A pivotal listen for digital marketers, innovation leads, and customer experience professionals seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of customer loyalty.

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Ep. 07

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Ep. 05

The only way brands can build on their legacy & Next Gen Consumer engagement - Benjamin Latsko

Today on NO BLUEPRINT, we're thrilled to bring you an exclusive conversation with Benjamin Latsko, the visionary Studio Director behind Benjamin Latsko Studio. Known for his groundbreaking work with Fortune 500 giants and his pivotal role in Adidas' Metaverse Taskforce, Benjamin dives deep into the future of branding in the digital age.

Ep. 04

Blending Traditional Marketing with Web3 Innovations with Markus Hutchins from IBM

Join us for a captivating chat with Markus Hutchins from IBM, where we dive into the ever-changing world of branding and marketing in the digital age. Markus shares his insights on how digital ownership is reshaping the way we think about art and brand narratives. Get ready for an engaging conversation that explores the real-world impact of technology on consumer engagement and brand strategies. It's a down-to-earth, insightful look into the future of marketing, perfect for anyone curious about where the digital and branding worlds are headed.

Ep. 03

Decentralized Dynamics: Reinventing Brand Engagement with Martin El-Khouri

Dive into the world of Web3 and blockchain with expert Martin El-Khouri. This episode reveals how these technologies transform industries, from content creation to sports. We discuss overcoming adoption challenges, innovative strategies for brand engagement, and the role of Web3 in marketing. Ideal for innovation professionals, agencies, and Web3 enthusiasts, it's a must-listen for those looking to leverage decentralized technology in branding and marketing.

Ep. 02

Decoding the Metaverse for Brands - with Tibor Mérey from Bosten Consulting Group/BCGX

In this episode of NO BLUEPRINT, we're joined by Tibor Mérey, a visionary at Boston Consulting Group, to discuss the intersection of technology and consumer engagement. Delve into the world of the metaverse, Web3, and how these emerging technologies reshape brand strategies. Tibor shares his expertise on navigating digital transformation and the importance of maintaining human connections in an increasingly digital world. Listen as we uncover actionable insights for harnessing technology effectively in your brand's journey.

Ep. 01

Unraveling the Power of Brand Communities

Join us on NO BLUEPRINT as we explore the power of community in branding with Roy Bernheim, co-founder of Decommerce and T-Bô. Dive deep into how Roy transforms customer relationships into collaborative communities, shaping the brand experience. Discover insights on community-led strategies, their impact on customer loyalty and business growth, and how to integrate these concepts into your brand. Tune in for a conversation filled with innovative ideas and practical advice!

Ep. 00

Charting into the Unknown: The Genesis of 'NO BLUEPRINT' Podcast

Welcome to the episode zero of 'NO BLUEPRINT' with your host, Dominik Karaman. In this special introductory monologue, Dominik unveils the essence of this podcast: a fusion of today's ideas with the groundbreaking innovations of tomorrow. We stand as bridge builders, determined to link traditional digital experiences with the vast, transformative horizons of Web3. No guides, no limits, just exploration.

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Dominik Karaman

The voice


Founder & CEO at eekigai Labs

Eva Shalenko

The driver


Business development advisor| CBDO at Clarnium

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Founder of LAB.94 | Partner at eekigai Labs

Daniel Rotter

The creative


Visual Communicator & Brand Beautifier | Partner at eekigai Labs

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